Our Vision

Goresbrook School ensured that all students had the real option to succeed at a top university, and chose to lead a fulfilling life.

There are three values that are required for us to fulfil our sentence are:

Growth: 100% effort 100% of the time.  Effort and purposeful practice leads to improvement in all areas of learning for pupils and staff.

Belief:  the unwavering knowledge that ambitious goals can be achieved.  No excuses of shortcuts.

Team: our goals cannot be achieved alone.  Our purpose is greater than ourselves.

At Goresbrook School we are all on a learning journey, becoming better than we were before.

Goresbrook School fosters an ethos of:

  • curiosity and love of learning;
  • excellence in standards;
  • high aspirations for the future;
  • no excuses or barriers to learning;
  • integrity – doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

We achieve this by:

  • Placing learning at the centre of every decision;
  • Appointing and training world-class staff;
  • Adopting a ‘child-by-child’ approach – tracking, monitoring and intervening to ensure that every child has the opportunity to excel in all fields;
  • Ensuring a relentless focus on the mastery of skills in maths and English, to allow pupils to flourish in all areas of the curriculum - an approach encompassing depth before breadth;
  • Understanding that intelligence is not fixed, but can be grown through hard work, resilience and courage;
  • Designing and implementing an innovative curriculum that raises aspiration and sets every learner on an appropriate pathway to success at age 18 and beyond;
  • Learning in a stimulating, safe and fun environment;
  • Identifying, and developing through deliberate practice, expertise in all children;
  • Developing learning attributes and characteristics, including positive behaviour for learning;
  • Ensuring that the families and community are involved in the learning of their children;
  • Guaranteeing a wide set of cultural experiences for children and their families;
  • Utilising the breadth of opportunities for enrichment in London and beyond;
  • Ensuring all practice is based on current research, and that staff are involved in reflection and continual learning.

On leaving us, our pupils will have the knowledge, skills and attributes to be enable them to be successful at university and beyond. Their qualifications will allow them to earn places in the top universities, and be successful in rewarding careers. They will be critical consumers and contributors to the world around them, and have the integrity and strength of character to navigate their future paths to success.

The school is part of United Learning. United Learning comprises: UCST (Registered in England No: 2780748. Charity No. 1016538) and ULT (Registered in England No. 4439859. An Exempt Charity). Companies limited by guarantee. VAT number 834 8515 12.
Registered address: United Learning, Worldwide House, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough, PE3 6SB. Tel: 01832 864 444

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