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Poetry Competition Winners!

Hello Goresbrookians, 

Before annoucing the winner of the poetry competition we had here at Goresbrook School, I would like to say HUGE congratulations to every single one of you who have submitted an entry. Congratulations not only because you took part in the competition but because this was your chance to show that you care, it was your chance to speak up and express your hopes and dreams and work for a better world for everyone. 

Thank you for your poems, all of which were amazing and I really HAVE to point out how difficult it was for us to choose the top 3 (hence we ended up with a top 4 instead of 3). All of you will be able to find your poems in a library display after half term and I want you to know we are all super proud of you and I am looking forward to seeing your entries to our future competitions!

Without further ado, let me announce the 4 winners (in no particular order)!

        Pain slips from her soul

        drops slide down her cheeks

        voice trembles

        teeth chatter


        "why, my baby" she screams

by Denaeja


          The Rainbow Society that I dreamed of...

           I had a dream…

           Where my race wouldn’t be seen as a weapon*…

           I had a dream…

           That my race wouldn’t determine my quality of life

           I had a dream…

           Where Racism’s funeral was held in this generation


         I dreamed of a Rainbow** society

         Where all colours united and became one…

         Where not a single colour left behind…

         Where not a single superior colour of inferior

         Together they formed peace for humanity

         Racism ceased


         But my naive eyes were forced open

         These dreams faded away

         They sky isn’t decorated in rainbows

         There are no rainbows in this world

         Racism is having a birthday party

         Forcing every racist person to eat a slice of its cake


         The colours are in chaos


         A storm of colours rips through the sky,

         Wetting it with is destruction

         This rainbow society I dreamed

         Is only a memory…

         And not a reality


       How I wish the rainbow society was here now…

by Praise

* in the original the word 'weapon' is written in red

** in the original the word 'Rainbow' is written in so that each letter is in one of the colours of the rainbow. 


        Our Mission

        Bang! Bang! Bang!

        The more you shoot the more you rise

        The more you laugh the more we cry

        You shoot we hide

        You enslave we betray

        The vision we see for the future is bright

        With kindness and ove other than the usual plight

        No more can we stand your hate

        No more can we be shamed and ridiculed to this day

        We stand and fight for what is right

        We show and grow the truth is light

        For we see a promise

        In a couple of time

        Where everyone is the same

        Together in one

         But No more can we repeat the same

         And leave people to blame

         Because love is our future

         Love is our vission

         On this racial mission

by Joshua


by Rayan

The winners will receive an email with their prize after half term. 

Enjoy your holidays! wink

Stay safe and stay kind, 

Ms Dimi

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