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Christmas Competitions Winners!

Hello Goresbrookians, 

Happy New Year to everyone!

I am here (admittedly quite late and I apologise for that) in order to announce the winners of our Short Story, Poetry and Bookmark Christmas Competitions!

Drum roll pleaaaase!!!

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The winner of the Short Story Competition iiiis... Lillie V.! Huge Congrats!

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The winner of the Poetry Competition iiiiis... Emily M.! Congratulations Emily!

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The winners for the bookmark competition aaaaaare:

Connor F. for Year 7!

No entries for Y8 I am afraid...

Ana-Maria G. for Year 9!

Please read your classmates' entries here:

Christmas Story by Lillie V.

It was exactly 8 o'clock at night, the night before Christmas. I had opened the door to my bedroom and to my surprise my whole room was clean! It was like magic, as if my clothes had taught themselves to walk into my wardrobe. I then wandered towards my wardrobe to get dressed into my pygamas; even my wardrobe was neatly stacked with my clothes. I was getting dressed when I noticed that my room had been perfectly lit in a nice, warm ambience. My fireplace had been lit as well, and I still didn't know how. Now I was fully changed into my pyjamas and I looked around the room. Everything had been perfectly placed. My curtains were pulled back, showing the night sky outside of my window. My candles looked as if they had only been lit 5 minutes ago. And my blankets on my bed had been neatly folded on top of my bed. I thought that it could've been my parents who had done this. But it couldn't have been. I was in my room the whole day but the only time I left my room was to have dinner with my parents and they were with me the whole time. 

And then it hit me. The cold breeze of the outside world. My window was open. But I hadn't opened my window today. 

I looked around my room, suspicious of who had entered. I looked under my bed, in the cupboard and in the random box in my room. At the corner of my eye, I saw it.  A long leg sat on the rocking chair at the back of the room. It was a girl who wore black trousers and a blue jumper. She had short black hair, nearly like a boy's hair and glittering green eyes. And at that exact moment, I realised it was my sister! Toky! At the age of 21 she had left home to go live in New York and thankfully she came home for Christmas! Hopefully, Christmas wasn't going to be that bad after all. 

At This Time of Year by Emily M.

They skitter, jubilant,

And scuttle to the tree

They frisk, exuberant

And seize parcels underneath,

They tear them, zestful,

And embrace their dainty gifts

Gifts that they relished,

At this time of year


A dance of bliss

Snug air nuzzles a kiss,

On plump cheeks:

Flushed with glee,

And there were merry leaps:

Nearby the tree

They gave their cheer,

At this time of year


A motherly yell;

‘Dinners on the table!’

Then come the little ‘uns,

To a table, sated and replete

All then plumped into a seat,

At the stuffed amenity

And they gaped at each delicacy,

At this time of year


Cutlery settled on the plates

After a meal had been crammed

Into mouths, giving smiles of content

And they nestled together,

‘Time for a chant!’

A song of euphoria:

Chorused by a family,

At this time of year


Winners will be contacted through email regarding their prizes.


Stay safe and stay kind, 

Ms Dimi

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