Welcome to Goresbrook School


Goresbrook School ensured that every student had the real option to succeed at a top university and a lead a fulfilling life rich with alturism.


We are an all-through school that aims to give all our students the best education so they can succeed in later life. Being an all-through school, our students have the fantastic opportunity to study with us from Nursery to Sixth Form, without having to transition from Primary to Secondary school.  ​

All of our staff truly believe that the students within the school can realise their aspirations whatever they may be, whether it is University or the career of their choice. We offer a broad, engaging curriculum, which not only gives our students the opportunity to study their interests, but also provides them with skills that can be applied in all areas of life. We believe that using innovative, evidence-based teaching methods, and having exceptionally high expectations of both students and staff are essential for this to be achieved.  ​

Our school values are ‘Growth, Belief and Team’. We live by these values and every decision that is made is done so to create leaders of the future. ​

Miss Megan Harris Principal - Secondary