Secondary School Uniform

We believe that wearing a smart uniform fosters a sense of belonging and pride.  The Goresbrook School uniform has been designed to be neat, hard-wearing and economical, with most items available from high street shops.

All uniform can be purchased from our supplier, Premier Schoolwear Ltd

Uniform requirements:

  • Blazer: Goresbrook School blazer.
  • Shirt/blouse:  Plain white collared.  Long or short sleeved. Tucked in at all times.
  • Trousers/shorts:  Plain navy blue tailored school trousers.  Plain navy blue tailored school shorts may be worn in the Summer Term only.
  • Skirt*: Plain navy knee length tailored school skirt with school logo
  • Tie*:  Goresbrook School.
  • Jumper*:  Goresbrook School V-neck jumper.
  • Socks/tights:  Plain navy socks. Tights must be plain navy. No patterns. Any detailing on socks must be minimal and match the sock colour.
  • Hair bands: Plain navy blue or black hair bands may be worn
  • Shoes:  Plain black, low heeled school shoes with plain laces and black soles.  No boots.  No trainers or canvass shoes. No sandals. Feet must be completely enclosed. 
  • Jewellery:  No jewellery is permitted at any time. If ears have recently been pierced we require earrings to be removed. Covering with plasters is not sufficient.
  • Rucksack*:  This should be brought into school every day. On P.E days, kit should be put in this bag along with books and Goresbrook water bottle. No other bags are permitted.
  • Water bottle: Goresbrook water bottle only with name clearly marked.
  • Outdoor clothing:  Outdoor coats must be plain navy blue or black. No leather or denim jackets are permitted.  No hoodies or caps are allowed.  All outdoor clothing should be removed in the school buildings.
  • Appropriate religious headwear: permitted subject to the discretion of the Principal e.g. plain navy blue or black hijabs may be worn.

PE Uniform

  • Polo shirt*:  Navy Goresbrook polo shirt
  • P.E Jacket*: Water proof Jacket with school logo.
  • Shorts: plain navy blue PE shorts or tracksuit bottoms (no logo)
  • Jogging Bottoms: Plain navy jogging bottoms.
  • Socks: football or rugby navy socks
  • Shoes:  plain navy or black trainers with black laces. No logos.
  • Sweatshirt*: Navy Goresbrook Sweatshirt with a choice of personalizing on the back. 
    (1-TEAM, 2-GROWTH, 3- BELIEF, 4-GIVE 100%, 100% OF THE TIME. Only one on any P.E sweat shirt) 

*These items are available for purchase from Premier Schoolwear.


  • No temporary tattoos or henna are allowed.
  • Only natural hair colour and styles allowed. No shapes/patterns shaved into hair.
  • No sunglasses unless for medical reasons as confirmed in writing by a Doctor.

Concessions will be made for children with particular needs at the discretion of the Principal. We are not responsible for lost property or uniform on the premises.

Premier Schoolwear Ltd

Our opening times: Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm

Address: 688 – 690 Becontree Avenue, Dagenham, RM8 3HD

Phone: 020 8592 0141