We recognise that all pupils have the potential to become ‘experts’ and that expertise needs to be identified and developed through deliberate practice and feedback. In order to identify and nurture the range of talents our pupils have, our extracurricular programme is varied, challenging and reflects the interests and aspirations of our pupils. All pupils participate in extracurricular clubs as a way of encouraging community participation and nurturing a range of skills that support and complement their broader development.

Our aim is to develop passionate, driven and confident young people who will go on to make an active contribution to their communities and participate in broad range of experiences at university and beyond. This is why we dedicate one afternoon per week to allow our students the opportunity to play sport, learn musical instruments, hone their performance skills in the arts and experience the challenge of various other activities.

We have offered an extensive range of activities including Choir, Wind Band, Tennis, Cricket, STEM club, Dance, Drama, Lacrosse, Netball, Cooking Club, Athletics and a variety of Fine Art courses.

This has enabled our students to perform at major events such as the Olympic Stadium, Southwark Cathedral, Royal Festival Hall, Houses of Parliament and become borough champions in sports and arts activities.

“ I love my CCE sessions a lot especially drama because it helps build my confidence and cooking because you get to learn how to cook new things”
“I like what I am doing now in CCE and I can’t wait to try something new next term”
“I want to have the opportunity to do my option again because i would like to learn more about it and improve in it also because i'm having fun!”