Here is a summary our Careers and Work Related Learning at each key stage:

By the end of Key Stage 3, students will:

  • know how to use the careers library: all students are shown the careers section of the library during their induction in Year 7
  • have found out more about themselves, including their skills, talents and personal qualities
  • have explored possibilities for change through Empowerment Days and the broader curriculum.
  • know how to make decisions, such as choosing GCSE/BTEC options.
  • have learned about equal opportunities.
  • have had careers interviews with an independent careers advisor.
  • have visited 3 red brick universities, one each year.
  • have used U-Explore to find out more about the types of work they are suited to and interested in
  • have discovered more about the world of work and the choices they have to make
  • have started the process of action planning

By the end of Key Stage 4, students will have:

  • used computer resources such as U-Explore to continue to find out more about the types of work they are interested in
  • attended dedicated sessions during Year 11 at which they are introduced to Unifrog and given their login details, so that they can explore future career paths and make informed decisions about their post-16 pathways
  • received more information about their post-16 options
  • developed an action plan
  • had a guidance interview with the independent careers advisor
  • had information about local colleges
  • had the opportunity to speak to employers and training providers about their prospects for the future

By the end of Key Stage 5 all students will have:

  • extended their self-knowledge, career exploration, career management and key employability skills
  • developed their career capital (e.g. with work experience, voluntary work)
  • devised a set of personal criteria to help them identify appropriate routes to their goals
  • researched, evaluated, obtained guidance on, chosen and applied for an appropriate opportunity and, if necessary, financial support
  • made a back-up plan in case things go better or worse than expected