Welcome to Goresbrook School


Goresbrook School ensured that every student had the real option to succeed at a top university and a lead a fulfilling life rich with altruism.

As Principal of Goresbrook Secondary School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school. Our school is unique; we are unashamedly ambitious for our pupils and we hope our academic achievements to be amongst some of the best in the country. We aim to ensure that all our students leave us with the real option to succeed at a top university, the skills to excel in a career of their choice and go on to live happy and fulfilling lives rich with altruism.

As an all through school, we offer students the opportunity complete their entire educational journey with us, joining us aged three and leaving aged eighteen. Our school is built on a formula of high expectations, a relentless focus on standards and a belief that every young person, regardless of background or circumstance, can succeed. Our calm and purposeful atmosphere allows student learning to be at the centre of all that we do and we are committed to ensuring that students’ high-quality classroom experience is matched with enriching extra-curricular opportunities. Success after formal education, relies on securing excellent academic outcomes, but it also requires a wealth of experiences that nurture and develop the whole child. We want our pupils to be able to access top universities and professions, whilst also having the cultural and spiritual awareness to be generous and enriching members of society.

In each lesson at Goresbrook there is a palpable sense of challenge. Our students are industrious and we reject the notion that intelligence is fixed. We believe that hard work, resilience and effective communication skills are critical to success. Our values of Growth, Belief and Team are the central pillars of our school culture and encapsulate the behaviours we see in our young people.

Beyond the classroom, the culture at Goresbrook is one of community. As a small and growing school, students know one another well and kindness permeates the daily actions of students and staff. We are totally inclusive: all students are welcome regardless of starting point, need or complexity and we celebrate diversity and difference.

Goresbrook School is a very special place to work. I am honoured to be Principal of this school and to have the opportunity to provide students with the very best educational experience.

We look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure that all of our pupils are successful both within their time at Goresbrook School and beyond in their future studies and careers.

Miss Megan Harris Principal - Secondary