Exam Board: AQA

Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in Geography and a grade 6 in Maths

What will you learn?

A-level Geography builds upon GCSE learning. You will get the opportunity to deepen your understanding of human and physical geographical concepts and you will be able to engage critically with real world issues and places. You will study the following topics:

  • Water and carbon cycles – learning about the dynamic relationship between them
  • Coastal landscapes and systems – learning about geomorphological processes and the distinctive landscapes they create
  • Hazards – learning about the risk these pose to the population and how people respond to them
  • Global systems and global governance – learning about the social, economic and political changes of the global economy
  • Changing places – learning how places change and develop over time and people’s experiences of different places
  • Contemporary urban environments – learning about urban growth and the challenges associated with this

What does the assessment look like?

You will sit two 2 hour 30 minute examinations covering a combination of human and physical geography topics.

You will also be required to do an independent investigation.

Choose this subject if you…

Are interested in the world around you and keen to learn about some of the challenges which we will face in the future.

What can an A-level in this subject lead to?

Students taking geography can go on to study geography at university as well as any of the following:

  • Geology
  • Urban and Regional planning
  • Geophysics
  • Environmental Science
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • International relations

Recommended reading:

  • Geography: An integrated approach – David Waugh
  • Global shift – Peter Dicken