Goresbrook School Behaviour for Learning        

At Goresbrook School we believe in that every young person has the right to learn in an environment free from disruption. We use a binary behaviour system which is clear for both students and staff and provides students with clear boundaries.

Behaviour at Goresbrook School was rated as ‘good’ by Ofsted in 2017 and stated that ‘behaviour of year 7 students was exemplary’. We pride ourselves on this and believe this is the cornerstone of securing outstanding outcomes for our students.

Our behaviour for learning policy can be found here.

Highlighting the positives

As part of our behaviour policy at Goresbrook School we believe in promoting positive behaviours and rewarding students for their hard work. Students receive Distance Travelled Acknowledgements, referred to as DTA’s. Students receive a Distance Travelled Acknowledgement when they show one of our Goresbrook values; Team, Growth or Belief. As student reach different milestones (50,100 and 150 DTA’s) they become mountain guides, this involves them receiving a reward in assembly and being presented with a badge. At each milestone, students also take on a student leadership responsibility with the school.

In addition to this, each week every member of staff selects a student to receive a success signpost in Friday’s celebration assembly. This is a student that has worked hard in lessons or demonstrated the school values around school. We also reward and celebrate student achievement by contacting parents/carers. Weekly emails and texts are sent to parents/carers of select students acknowledging their achievements that week.

A highlight of our school calendar is our half termly Milestone assemblies. These assemblies recognise students that have consistently made progress over a period of time, made contributions to the wider life of the school or personally overcome an obstacle or barrier to their learning. Parents, careers and family members are invited to these assemblies and students are presented with a badge and certificate.


As a school we aim to instil habits in our students that will enable them to be successful later in life. It is our role to educate and guide students and we believe that it is important that students understand the difference between right and wrong. We know that at times students may not behave in the expected manner and when instances of this nature occur we deal with them consistently and promptly. We place a heavy focus on students learning from their mistakes and our systems and structures provide students with the opportunity to reflect and learn.

We have three levels of sanction:

1.       Lost Note: Lost notes are issued to students for any small infringement or misdemeanour. This includes not having a stipulated item of equipment, or talking during silent work in class. Three lost notes during a half term equates to a re-routing.

2.       Re-routing: Re-routings are issued to students for more serious infringements on their learning or the safety of others within school. This includes being late to school, not following instructions or completing homework. If a student is issued with a re-routing they are required to stay after school that day for a minimum of 30 minutes. In this time students reflect on their behaviour and consider what they would do differently next time.

3.       Navigation: Navigation is a functional and purposeful environment where student deeply reflect on their behaviour. Students will be placed into Navigation for any infringement that greatly affects their learning or the learning of others, the safety of themselves or others in the community or for total disregard to the school rules. Within Navigation students work independently and do not interact with others within the school, including during social times. Students reflect on their behaviour and know how their behaviour must change or what they need to do differently before they return to mainstream lessons.

School planner

The school planner is an important tool for communication between home and school. Within the school planner are students DTA’s. We encourage parents/carers to look at their child’s planner each day and celebrate these successes. In addition to this, within the planner are any lost notes or re-routings that a student has received. Again, we strongly suggest parents/carers look at these daily and discuss any sanctions that have been issued. In our partnership together, we must ensure we talk to students and support them to improve their behaviour by considering what they could do differently next time.

No personalising of the Student Planner is permitted and lost or damaged planners will need to be replaced at a cost of £10.00. The planner is to be brought to school each day with identified sanctions for students who forget or lose their planner.

Silent Transition

Silent transition allows for students to travel from lesson to lesson quickly, safety and purposefully without disruption. Our transitions are quick and learning time is maximised.

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