Our school's goal is to help our students become great writers in the future. We want to teach them stories and books that were written by people who went to our school before. In our English classes, we make sure all students read lots of different things so they can become smart, well-informed kids who can understand the world around them.

We believe that by studying great books and stories, students will learn how to think carefully, ask good questions, and make up their own ideas about the world. This will help them be creative and have their own opinions. Teachers at our school work hard to make sure all students can understand what they read.

In our classes, we read many exciting books, both made-up stories and real ones. We do this to learn about the world and to use our imaginations. We want students to find books that are like windows, where they can see themselves and their lives, and also like mirrors, where they can learn about different times, places, and cultures. All students should be able to read, write, and talk well, and they should know a lot about British books and culture, as well as books from other parts of the world.

We also want to help students become kind, curious, and honest people. Reading books can teach them to understand other people's feelings, be interested in new things, and do their schoolwork well.