In our school, we teach geography to help students understand the world around them. We want them to learn about different places, the people who live there, the land, and how the Earth works. Learning geography helps them think like explorers, so they can talk about important topics in the world.

We believe that geography connects with other subjects like English, maths, science, and social studies. We want students to use what they learn in those classes to help them understand geography better. We also want them to enjoy the real world, not just the electronic one on screens.

Geography thinking means looking at things happening in different places and sizes, from small to big. It helps us think about important problems and come up with good solutions. At our school, we help students do this by giving them chances to use what they learn in one place or topic to understand others. We also encourage them to think carefully about the future and make choices that are good for the world.

For example, in one lesson about Climate Change, students talk about whether rich countries should have to reduce the pollution they make. They listen to different opinions and learn how to make wise decisions that help the Earth. We want them to know how to live in a world where everyone depends on each other.