At Goresbrook School, we think that kids do best in maths when they really understand how it works. We use a plan that follows what the whole country says we should teach. This plan helps all kids learn the important facts and ways to do maths so they can use it in different situations. We help them become good at maths, thinking about it, and solving problems.

The goal of maths at our school is to make sure kids really understand maths, from the basics to the hard stuff that combines lots of ideas. We want kids to remember what they learn and really understand it, not just rush through it. This helps them feel confident to study more maths in the future, like in high school and college. We also help them use maths in other subjects, like science or history.

All kids learn about numbers, how to work with them, shapes, how things compare, and how to collect data. We don't split them into different groups until they're a bit older. Our plan is set up so they practise what they learned before, and we make sure they don't get mixed up between different maths ideas.

Maths is like a special way to understand the world, and we think it's important for all kids to know.