At our school, we believe that everyone should have the chance to learn to play a musical instrument and perform it in front of others. We think this is important because music is something that can make people happy and bring them together.

To make sure this happens, we have a clear goal: 'Every student should get really good at playing an instrument and perform it in front of people like in a real concert.' To achieve this, there are two important things to remember:

'Getting really good' means being able to play music really well, not just okay. This helps students when they're older and want to study music more.

'Performing like in a real concert' means playing music on their own and also with other students, like a big music group. This way, they can show what they've learned to a real audience.

We're excited about helping students enjoy and benefit from playing music in a real way, not just pretending. Learning music should never be just for show, and to make sure every student can really enjoy it, we have to think in creative ways. We believe that music is something everyone should have the chance to learn.

Learning music doesn't have to be only for kids who have a lot of money. It should be for everyone, no matter what. To make this happen, we have a plan: from ages 11 to 14, every student will learn to play an instrument together in groups. If they want to study music more when they're older, they can keep learning that instrument.

Lessons will be during school time, so every student has one hour of music practice every week. We don't want to focus on finding 'musical talent' because we think everyone can learn music. We won't only choose the best students or make them do lots of exams. Instead, we want every student to learn, perform, and have the same chance to study music in the future.

At our school, students have two hours of music every week. One hour is about learning music theory and practical skills like singing and playing instruments. The second hour is like a big music band where everyone plays together. We make sure there are enough teachers to help students in smaller groups.

In short, we believe that music is for everyone, and we want every student to have fun, learn, and share music with others.