At Goresbrook School, we think it's important to learn about different beliefs and values from all around the world. We do this through a subject called Religious Education (RE), which helps students grow in many ways, like being kind, making good choices, and understanding the world we live in, especially in our area called Barking and Dagenham.

In RE, we explore stories and ideas from different religions and also from people who may not follow a religion. This helps us learn about history, how people live, and what they believe in. We also connect RE to other subjects like Sociology, History, Citizenship, Philosophy, and Ethics.

The goal of our Religious Studies curriculum is to help students know about these different beliefs and learn how to think carefully about them. We want them to understand how these beliefs have influenced our world, both nearby and far away.

All students learn about different religions and ideas, and they also study important subjects like Theology (the study of religion), Philosophy (deep thinking), Ethics (what's right and wrong), History (the past), and Sociology (how people live together). This helps them ask questions, think for themselves, and understand how others see the world.

We want to inspire students to be curious and think critically. This means they can see things from different points of view and make their own decisions. This helps them understand and respect people who are different from them. It also makes them ready to take on the responsibilities of being a grown-up and be good citizens in our society by being respectful and kind to others.