At Goresbrook School, we teach history to help students learn about the past in Britain and other places around the world. We want to spark their curiosity so they can ask great questions, think carefully, look at proof, and understand different opinions.

We want to make students curious and help them learn how to think and make good decisions. Learning history helps them see how things change over time, how different groups of people lived, and what makes them unique. It also helps them understand who they are and the challenges they might face.

When students study history, they learn about how people's lives were, how things have changed, and how different societies and groups of people worked together or had conflicts. They also learn how to explore their own identity, which means who they are, and the challenges they might face in their own time.

Studying history helps students grow in their knowledge and learn important ideas. It's like a journey that helps them understand their place in the world.